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Being the boss of yourself

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by | Last updated Oct 6, 2021 | Business


Being the boss of yourself is the hardest and best experience you’ll ever have.

You get to create your own schedule.
Have the freedom to be off if you or your kids are sick.
You can sleep in a bit later if you stayed up too late the night before.
You can take a nap in the middle of the day.
You can go on vacation whenever you want without asking for permission.

The best, right?

But what some people don’t realize that you have to do is do the work.

And that is the hard part.

There are so many things that you have to do by yourself and it can be so overwhelming. Even managing a team who supports your business can be stressful.

The big thing is it is all up to you. You have to make sure the work gets done. And done well. Consistently.

And that brings up an important question – what should you do first? What’s the most important thing to do right now?

Because there is so much information online you might get caught up in long term overwhelm. Often caused by looking at too many mentors and wanting to do everything.

And not knowing where to start.

You might think you need to start by creating a course.
Then you think I need to start my own podcast.
Next you think I should be doing webinars or workshops.
Or you think I need to be building my email list, creating sales funnels and freebies.
And you think I need to be blogging.
Finally you think I need to share all of this on social media – on every platform.

One thing you might not be taking into consideration is that you are only one person.

Instead consider figuring out your target audience and then doing one thing that will serve them and do it consistently.

I’ve said this before but if you want to write, write.
Want to create videos, create and the list goes on and on.

But here’s the thing — don’t move on to the next thing until you have the first thing done and you are making money.

It took me two years to do my first webinar, almost three years to create my first course and I’ve changed branding/websites more time than I care to admit.

The point is it all takes time.

It starts with your brand then you need your website and finally clients/customers. Because how else are you going to keep this thing afloat without revenue?

Connecting with your audience quickly and deliberately is a process.

And it can be very challenging for a lot of people.

After you’ve nailed down your brand, the technical and creative aspect of creating a website can be the most overwhelming thing that you do in your business.

You know how you want your website to look but you’re just not sure how put all of those things together and make it happen.

And then you end up with is a very generic website that speaks….to no one.

I do not think that every new business needs a new professionally designed website.

But I do feel that if you are overwhelmed with the technical and creative aspects you shouldn’t waste your time trying to DIY a website.

Otherwise you spend countless hours, days, weeks, months and possibly years trying to get your website “perfect”.

By the way, there is never a perfect website but there is a minimal viable product that can be added to and adjusted over time.

Definitely don’t pursue perfection when it comes to you website.

And if you don’t want to waste your time trying to design your own website, I offer dedicated design days. The best part about this is that you can get a 3-4 page WordPress website in one day!

Do you think that you would be able to create your own website in one day?

If you are dealing with a serious case of website shame and need some help, tell me a little about your business and grab your spot on my calendar.

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Written by Rita Suzanne

Meet your dream business strategist – Rita Suzanne! She’s an expert at supporting mom entrepreneurs generate leads and sales while eliminating exhaustion and overwhelm. Rita helps businesses gain brand clarity, develop winning strategies, and implement powerful conversion tactics.
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