bye bye burnout

Are you ready to break the cycle of business burnout?

You know you should feel motivated to work on your business but you just feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start.

does that sound familiar?

You have always been ambitious and have tried to do it all. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done so you start working even more.

Not taking time off. No more self care. Even your food choices have turned from healthy to whatever takes the least amount of time and effort.

And your kids want your attention too but you need to focus on your business. After all, you are doing this for them.

You’ve tried everything, like setting goals, watching training videos on what others do and even trying to set business hours, but it never works.

You feel like a failure and are losing yourself one day at a time.

The thing is…

it doesn’t have to be this way.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be able to take time for yourself and not feel guilty? How your family would be happier if you could just take a day off to do something fun without worry.


what if you could…

→ Set business goals and actually achieve them
→ Create a routine that you actually enjoy
→ Remove all of the clutter and stay focused
→ Take a day (or a week) off and enjoy your kids without worry
→ Focus on self care and not just because you think you have to
→ Permanently say goodbye to the burnout battle


Business with Balance

An intensive program where you will learn the root cause of your business burnout, how to transform your relationship with your business, and uplevel your life in every way imaginable.

The first how-to and strategy program of its kind that takes you through the REAL LIFE simple steps I do every day with my clients to find and make money. The focus on real life strategies…as in “ok, this works but how do you really implement and incorporate it?”

Here’s how it’s going to go….

I’m going to teach you how to stop spending your time fighting fires; how to build a trusted support team; how to increase your revenue; and how to create a healthy life balance.

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic name. These three steps seriously saved my life and business, but I had to work hard and so will you.

three steps for

breaking the cycle of business burnout



Knowing Yourself. Together will dive in to what is important in your life and how to create the illusive balance. You’ll get really clear on what is truly important and what you need to let go of.



Creating Space. You will learn that how you establish and enforce your physical boundaries, boundaries with yourself and others. This will increase your productivity and decrease overwhelm.


Time Management

Finding Focus. When you have discovered what is truly important and created boundaries, you will be able to focus to create a system that supports you enjoying your life and business.

How to know if you are a perfect match:

→ You love your business…but you are feeling burned out because you are working all the time.

→ You are ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this thing out once and for all.

→ You want someone to hold your hand and show you how to escape this never ending cycle.

→ You just know there is a way to make the most of your time…between grocery store runs, loads of laundry, taking care of yourself and the kids.

And just who am I?

I’m Rita and

I teach moms just like you how to break the exhausting cycle of business burnout.

The odds have always been stacked against me but I was determined to make a better life for me and my kids.

I was tired of begging my boss for time off to take my kids to the doctor. I was over watching other people living their best life while I was living paycheck to paycheck.

I left corporate with no savings, cashed in my 401K, moved across the country and started all from scratch. We had no furniture when we moved to our new place…we were sleeping on an air mattress.

For eight years, I was getting design clients, but something was STILL missing. I was working non-stop with no end in sight. No time for me or my kids.

I couldn’t depend on anyone else to get me to where I wanted to be. Not my then husband. Not my parents. No one except for me.

It was so simple but I was too close to see the solution.

And now, I’m drawing back the curtain to show you how to say goodbye to burnout too.

Rita Suzanne
“I was unclear on who my ideal client was and how to represent that on my website. I now understand exactly who I am serving, what her needs are, and how I can shift my website to speak to her journey. Rita is a jack-in-the-box of creative ideas. I am so excited to implement the solutions we discussed and I feel like I am 10 steps ahead of where I was before our session together. I am so happy that I found Rita. She jump started so many transformative ideas for my website and clients which will forever shift my overall business. I now have much more clarity on what I do, who I serve and how to make it all come together to propel my business.”
Kristen Crockett


Here is what others have asked before working with me –


What if I don't have time?

If you continue to do the same things you have always done, you will get the same result. I am going to be by your side every step of the way.

Do you work with everyone?

My schedule is very limited so I only work with select applicants because I want it to be a good fit for us both because it’s customized for you.

at this point,

it comes down to this…

You could try to piecemeal things together and get some results (maybe), but it’s going to take you a long time to get there OR you can do nothing and hope things improve.

So really, investing in this program will help you find out what stresses you out and tackle it first, built a winning team and learn to delegate, and create a business you love in the most economical, efficient, and beautiful way – plus, you’ll have me right beside you every step of the way.

Remember, you can’t just sit around and wait, there are limited spots to work directly with me and this offer won’t be around forever.

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