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Creating confidence by having a brand you’re proud of

Did you know that you can create confidence in your business simply by having a brand that you are proud of? Having a brand that you love is absolutely going to turn your business around.

When you have confidence in your brand, you are able to broadcast it everywhere.

You share your business because it feels aligned and authentic. All of the sudden, you are okay to scream “here I am, look at me!”.

And you might also know when you don’t have a brand that you are proud of the opposite happens – you hide, you lurk, and you sit on the sidelines.

You get into a habit of waiting for everything to come to you. But in business, you have to make it happen.

And believe me, things start to happen when you have a brand that you are proud of. You start connecting with other people, you start writing, you start sharing on social and you start creating new things.

When I talk to my clients about marketing, they often project confidence but when it comes down to it, they don’t take action. Most often, it is because they have a severe case of brand/website shame.

I too suffered from this so I know too well how it feels. I would decide that today is the day that I’m going to post on social media. Then I would sit down to write something but nothing would happen…

However, when I would get on a podcast interview, client call or talk to another designer, I could endless talk about the solution to the issue at hand.

The problem was ultimately, I had no brand.

I had my messaging down – to teach moms how to build a business that will support them while they establish realistic boundaries and leave mom guilt behind.

You see, I focus a lot on branding because it is essential. You can be super talented and qualified but if you don’t have the strategic and visual representation to back it up, you start to question yourself.

And you are too amazing to do that!

Once you’re brand is in sync, the confidence starts to kick in and then the confidence overflows. And it becomes apparent, you are on a mission and now there is no stopping you!

And now imagine instead of spending your entire day on social media trying to convince people to hire you, you focus on spending your time where you are making the most impact.

Now you are the expert at your thing.

You have this crystal clear brand that helps you focus in on your target audience creating things that they love and an actual strategy (not endless tactics) to help increase your overall impact and income.

A brand is not all about fonts, colors and a logo. Yes, those things are part of your brand – the identity.

The confidence comes from your overall brand strategy – your identity, your offerings and your strategy.

Think about your overall goal, then come up with the tactics to help you get there. Tactics alone will leave you feeling let down and burned out.

So if you really need more confidence in your business (more results) then you need to start with your brand and more forward from there.

If you need some help with your website or brand, tell me a little about your business and grab your spot on my calendar.

Creating confidence by having a brand you\'re proud of

Written by Rita Suzanne

Rita Suzanne is a business strategist who helps mom business owners create client consistency so they can finally get off of the revenue rollercoaster and alleviate burnout for good.
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