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Five Business Mistakes to Avoid

There are five mistakes you should avoid when starting your new business. Hopefully these tips will help you to really define your business. Don’t spend years in limbo trying to figure it out instead follow these tips along with the ones from five tips for online business success to get you going.

Not Being Different

There are a million websites and someone is already doing what you want to do. Don’t give up though. You can still do it but do it your way. Make it yours by putting you into it instead of trying to immolate what has already been done. It is okay to admire those that are ahead of you but never compare your journey to theirs. We are all different – do what it takes to stand out not blend in. Obviously, I think you should start with a custom website design. It can still have the same elements but they can be tailored to your style.

Not Defining Your Audience

You have to know who you are doing this for. Otherwise you are casting this huge net out just hoping to find someone – really anyone interested. Knowing who you are writing for will really help you develop your voice. Being unsure and insecure is the kiss of death – define your target so deeply the reader feels like you are writing them directly.

You are probably thinking — I don’t want to narrow down my audience too far because then I will lose business. Not true. If you don’t narrow it down enough you may not ever get to your ideal customer because you are not speaking to them. You are not being heard.

Solving an Unimportant Problem

The next thing is to make sure you focus on a real problem that your audience is facing. Don’t try to help them with something they don’t need help with. You want to figure out what your audience needs and then offer the solution. The thing about us entrepreneurs is we get an idea in our heads and we think it is amazing but then, unfortunately, we find out that it isn’t what the audience really wanted. You don’t want to waste tons of time putting your time and efforts into something that is not going to be used or make money.

Too Much Information, Too Little Action

Starting a new business is overwhelming. Sometimes just getting started can be consumed with so much information that you are unable to make a decision. You start researching your competition, taking notes, writing down your potential content but have no real direction what to really do with it. You keep pressing on but not really getting anywhere.

This can be equally true with your blog – you can provide so much information but without a call to action the reader does not know what to do. Provide information but also make sure you are engaging with your readers.

Waiting Too Long to Release a Product

The end result of most businesses is to earn money. Making money online requires a few steps – earn the trust of your audience by showing them you know what you are talking about, finding out how you can help them, and providing value to them with free content, advice, and support. To do these things you need to be consistent when providing value, be genuine in your desire to help them, actually helping them, and asking them what you can provide that would be of further value. If you are constantly getting emails asking particular questions – congratulations, they have told you what they need. You can also survey your readers using, ask on your most engaged social media platform, or even write a blog post asking for feedback.

There you have it – five mistakes to avoid when you are starting an online business.

Written by Rita Suzanne

Rita Suzanne is a business strategist who helps mom business owners create client consistency so they can finally get off of the revenue rollercoaster and alleviate burnout for good.
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