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How to know if you are on brand

I’ve been talking about branding lately because it is a passion of mine and I really think that it is the most important part of your business.

Without a brand you might —

  • feel embarrassed of your website
  • be unsure how to design the elements of your website or social graphics or freebies
  • not know what to say or write or create or offer or charge

Let’s take a step back for a minute and talk about what a brand is.

Your brand is essentially what someone thinks or feels when they hear your brand name.

When you think of a specific brand there are certain things that you start to associate with that brand.

Let’s take my brand as an example, when I created my brand I wanted something that was a feminine and yet it’s still had a little bit of edge to it just like my dream clients.

And here is how you know you are “on brand”….

When you meet with people they tell you how much they love your website, your graphics, your copy or your brand.

There was a time that I was way “off brand” or more accurately had no brand.

I had tried to piece together a website just based on the things that I saw that I liked. I had no mood board, my color palette, no real direction or strategy.

Maybe you too have tried over and over to create a website but it just doesn’t come together. It’s all over the place.

To create a brand you need to understand that it is not…

…just a logo. It is the visual representation and feeling of your business.

It is all of the elements – your logo, your colors, your fonts, your copy, your message, everything – all wrapped up in one pretty bow called a brand.

All equally important.

Yes, you should have a gorgeous logo but please know that that is not all that encompasses a brand.

And in order to stay on brand, you should do a brand audit at least twice a year. The brand audit would help by making sure you haven’t drifted too far away from your brand.

I bet sometimes you get some amazing ideas and inspiration.

It might cascade into something else and by doing the brand audit you might find that your target audience profiles need to be updated. These profiles help you to continue to create products and services specifically for those dream clients.

Because your business is often evolving, it is okay to update your target audience profiles and still stay on brand.

Maybe in six months you decide you are going to move away from a one-to-one offer and go for a one-to-many platform. Time to review your brand.

A brand isn’t something that you just create it and forget it. It is something that you should revisit often.

Knowing that a brand is the feeling conveyed by the elements you choose, ask yourself are you on brand?

Don’t forget, you can create a business you absolutely love but it starts with a strong brand, a huge dose of confidence and a clear strategy.

If you are not on brand and need some help tell me a little about your business and grab your spot on my calendar.

Written by Rita Suzanne

Rita Suzanne is a business strategist who helps mom business owners create client consistency so they can finally get off of the revenue rollercoaster and alleviate burnout for good.
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