The ONE Thing Your Marketing is Missing

ONE Thing Your Marketing is Missing

by | Last updated Jun 22, 2024 | Branding, Marketing


As I was sitting in the hospital this morning with my 13 year old son, I was working on my business. Don’t worry, he’s okay.

He’s getting a procedure he’s had several times over the past six years since his epilepsy started abruptly and without explanation. They’re placing electrodes on his scalp to monitor his brain activity, hoping to see improvements and maybe even get him off medication. (fingers crossed)

While waiting, I started thinking about how I often see moms marketing haphazardly out of desperation, without truly understanding their actual ideal client.

When I speak to them, they think the understand their ideal client, but then when they describe her she a very broad description of who they want to work with.

BUT to effectively market, you need to KNOW them, to get inside their heads.

The spaghetti at the wall approach might occasionally work, but it’s rarely sustainable, especially in today’s crowded market. To truly be seen and heard without feeling like you’re running in circles, there are a few crucial steps you need to take.

And no, I’m not going to recommend batching and scheduling – you’ve heard that before (even if you don’t always do it).

What I want you to do – desperately – is to REALLY understand your ideal client.

Let me quickly break down the difference between your ideal client and your target audience.

  • Your target audience is a wide net – it’s the general group of people who might be interested in your products or services.
  • But your ideal client? She’s the bullseye. She’s the ONE person you’re crafting every message for.

When you speak directly to her heart, your marketing becomes incredibly potent. That’s why discovering her pain points and buyer behaviors is so crucial.

It allows you to tailor your marketing message to her specific needs and desires, making it more likely she’ll take action.

Once you have this deep understanding of your ideal client, you can confidently pinpoint where to invest your marketing efforts.

You’ll know which platforms she frequents, which messages resonate with her, and how to reach her at the right time – so you can spend your time wisely doing what matters most to your ideal client.

Only then can you truly optimize your marketing by delegating tasks, automating processes, and batching your work, so you can spend less time on marketing and more time doing what you love.

Your challenge for today: Before you do anything else, take 5 minutes and write down EVERYTHING you know about your ideal client.

What are her struggles? Her dreams? Her favorite things? The more specific you can be, the better. This is the first step to crafting marketing that truly connects.

Not sure how to get super clear on your ideal client and get inside their head? Check out the Ideal Client Strategy Session.

You’ll learn how to transform your business by understanding your ideal client like never before and crafting marketing content that truly resonates.

You’ll learn how to simplify every aspect of your marketing going forward.

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Written by Rita Suzanne

Rita Suzanne: Business Growth Strategist, helping entrepreneurs build lasting brands & consistent revenue. 10+ years of experience. Passionate about growth & healthy living. Mom of four teenagers. Podcaster, weightlifter, adventurer. Ready to grow your business? Learn more on how to work with Rita.