Brand Coaching

Know someone who needs to stand out?

We get clients. You get money.
They get a website. Win-Win-Win!

Here’s how it works

  1. Identify someone who you know could benefit from my services.
  2. Either send a connection email (script below) or fill out the form
  3. I will reach out to your referral and explain the entire process.
  4. If we are a good fit and they schedule their web design project, I’ll send you an email
  5. In the email, I’ll ask you how you’d like to apply your referral bonus – either 5% cash or 10% applied to your account for future services.

Why do this?

This business has been built on referrals since 2014 so I love and appreciate referrals.

It helps me to concentrate on creating great things for others and less time burning out trying to get the next client.

And my love of affiliate marketing means that I think you should get rewarded for recommending us. Plus if you haven’t worked with me (yet!) you can build up enough credit to pay for your own project.

Not to mention this is a win-win for everyone. They receive a beautiful website or brand that actually works and they get it in one day plus training and support. You’ll get gratitude from both of us plus a nice bonus!

some places my clientsHave Been Featured


Becca Piastrelli
Brenda Hoehn
Dalena Bradley
Kathy Caprino
Kavita Patel
Lindsay Dotzolf
Lindsey Mango
Lizzie Langston
Meg Haworth
Megan Hale
Melissa McClain
Nadia Munla
Nisha Moodley
Robyn Youkilis
Saltwater Fit
Stacey Boehman
Tisserand Institute

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get my bonus?

If you decide to receive the cash referral bonus,, you will receive payment within 15 days of receipt of payment. Payment is made via PayPal.

What if the lead is not a good fit?

If we are not a good fit, I will provide a referral to someone who can help your connection. If they offer a commission, we will split it.

Can I see some of your work?

You can find my most recent work that is being featured in the Portfolio.

Do all referrals hire you?

Most referrals do end up working with us but some are just not a good fit.

Referral Bonus

Either 5% cash or 10% applied to your account for future services – you pick!

average client project

cash back bonus

future services credit

Introduction Email

Feel free to adjust as needed
CC: [email protected] on the email

Hi [referral name],

I wanted to send an email to introduce you to Rita. She offers branding and web design intensive projects.

Rita has been focused on helping others create a brand that speaks to their target audience and beautiful, responsive websites that convert since 2014.

She will help you understand how the one-day intensive process works and how to get started.

I’ll let you two take it from here.


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