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Rita Suzanne



You can create a business that doesn’t require you to hustle constantly, give up family time and neglect your self care. It’s easier than you think.

For eight years, I worked every single day – including weekends – without a vacation. And it got me nowhere. I was burned out.

No more working nonstop. No more neglecting myself. No more feeling guilty because I should be able to do it all.

So why am I the one to help you? Great question…
…who I am today isn’t who I have always been.

My Story


April is when it all started. I left my corporate job, sold most of my belongings and moved across the country with my young boys and then husband. I started on my website design business immediately.

I had something to prove…to myself and everyone who said I should go get a job. There were so many things I didn’t know so I kept learning and wouldn’t quit no matter what.

Not when I got a divorce. Not when my son suddenly developed epilepsy. Not even when I had a negative bank balance.


I struggled with burnout regularly as things went up and down. I was always profitable but I was not marketing myself regularly. I thought it was because I was a little introverted, a fear of rejection or a big dose of anxiety.

The real issue is that I was doing something that I no longer enjoyed. I was working nonstop but living the entrepreneurial equivalent of paycheck to paycheck. Feast or famine.

That was until I started exclusively offering VIP design days. I had my best years in business until…


That January was the beginning of the end. A week after my birthday I found out my husband was unfaithful. Two weeks later my baby sister unexpectedly passed away. An event that devastated our entire family.

Covid restrictions kicked in with my heartbreak and grief in March. In May I filed for my second divorce and custody of my two nieces making me a single mom of four.

Still trying to hold everything together, I isolated myself and experienced the worst year in my business (and life).


As I struggled through the process of rebuilding, I realized one thing for certain – I had to reconnect with others. One day I realized that I desperately wanted to know how other mom business owners were able to do everything without sacrificing themselves like I was doing.

I started my podcast where I interview other mom business owners. It was motivating and inspiring to hear their stories. But I was still trying to figure out my next step.

I was always good at attracting and retaining clients but I was still overwhelmed and not yet on track until I took a break.


With some much needed clarity, I realized who I needed to help…other moms just like me. Moms who were trying to achieve time and financial freedom without being burned out.

I understood that it wasn’t just trying to do everything that was creating the pressure and overwhelm, it was the lack. Lack of clarity. Lack of help. Lack of support. Lack of exposure. Lack of stability.

And so I developed programs and trainings to help you get more clients to create financial stability without the exhaustion and overwhelm.

Working Together

Website design

Elevate your brand online with captivating website designs that turn visitors into loyal customers.

1:1 Strategy

Navigate the path to a successful business with personalized support, minus the overwhelm.

Products + Programs

Mom Owned Members

Grow your business without feeling like you have to constantly put yourself out there for members only.

ready set website

Empowering entrepreneurs to create stunning websites plus all about branding, graphics, analytics and SEO .

Tools + Resources

The Tools You Need to Stand Outinvest only in what works

I have used every single tool on this list and only recommend what works.
Stand out from the sea of sameness now.

Blog + Podcast

Six Business Musts

Six Business Musts

Six business musts I wish I would have done but I didn't until now. Don’t think of less of me but for the last eight years I have been running my...

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Mom Owned and Operated

Listen in to Rita interviewing other mom business owners about raising a family, running a business and remembering themselves.

Press + Media

Want to interview me for your blog, event, podcast, or maybe partner on a collaboration? I love teaching about all things branding, marketing and creating client consistency with burnout.

Check out the press page for my bio and some of my featured appearances.

Kind Words

Heather Jones, Confidence Coach

I was so confused before my session with Rita. I had a very good idea of who I wanted to work with and how, but there were so many pieces I just couldn’t settle myself on. Rita is fun so even though we got a lot accomplished, it also felt like I was having coffee with a friend.

It was really helpful to be asked specific questions to draw inspiration. Getting specific helped me understand my ideal client better. Ping ponging was getting me nowhere fast, and Rita definitely helped me to get that locked down.

Having the details around who my client is, what she needs, and how to talk to her is a massive relief. I finally feel like when I speak she’ll know I’m talking to her. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Rita again and would highly recommend her to anyone else. She’s brilliant at what she does. Rita gave me so much more than i expected in our session and I am so grateful for her.

Erica woods, EDM Consulting

I was struggling with determining the best way to narrow down my target audience. I’m passionate about the services that I provide and I truly want to help everyone.

However through my meeting with Rita I realized that I can actually serve clients more efficiently and effectively by focusing on a specific ideal client. I’ve filled out many client avatar worksheets in the past and none have been as effective as my meeting with Rita. It really helps to see things from someone else’s perspective and ask you additional questions to help you uncover detailed information.

I now have clarity on who I want to serve so I can be strategic with my marketing.

Leah stine, writer

I was stressed out and overwhelmed before I started working with Rita. I didn’t know how I was going to create the revenue I wanted without being overworked. Working with Rita has been such a blessing.

She has enlightened me to the options available and how I can grow my business and still have the time I want for my family while homeschooling my kids.

She has opened my eyes to see that I cannot do it all, and that it is okay. But that I can still create the business that I have always wanted without feeling guilty.

Kristen Crockett, intuitive leadership coach

I was unclear on who my ideal client was and how to represent that on my website. I now understand exactly who I am serving, what her needs are, and how I can shift my website to speak to her journey.

Rita is a jack-in-the-box of creative ideas. I am so excited to implement the solutions we discussed and I feel like I am 10 steps ahead of where I was before our session together.

I am so happy that I found rita. She jumpstarted so many transformative ideas for my website and clients which will forever shift my overall business. I have much more clarity on what I do, who I serve and how to make it all come together to propel my business.

I learned so much from working with Rita. She will do the job you ask her to do, but she also teaches you the process as well.
Stephanie Baylor

The greatest thing about Rita is that she’s three pros in one. A designer who is technically savvy and understands strategy.
Lynda Crotty

Rita’s technical knowledge helped me navigate the challenges with the functionality of my website and she provided easy solutions.
Nadia Munla

Creating Client Consistency

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