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The Best Way to Get Your Idea to the Next Level

In business and even in life we analyze too much, research for too long, and just plain overdo it. You have an idea but you are just not sure how to take it to the next level. Don’t sit there holding on to that brilliant idea. The truth is if you really want to do it then you will no matter what the sacrifice. You can see your priorities when you look at what you do consistently.

Get it out of your head and start your plan

Don’t keep it all to yourself. Instead of keeping it in a notebook or in your head, organize it and create a plan then put it into action. This is not something you can ask someone else to do. It is up to you. Get it down on paper. There should be so much detail that someone who has never heard about it understands every aspect of your idea.

Business ideas often evolve as we start to do it. Maybe your initial idea starts in one direction but as you start developing it things start changing, ideas to improve it take over, realizations that you do not want to go that direction after all can alter the entire idea. Key questions are asked that help you realize that the ultimate goal is not attainable initially.

Start making calls and figure out the details

Not considering the details such as revenue, marketing, who is your business for and where will you find them and other finite details will only slow you down or stop the plan pretty quickly. Details like: how can I let my audience know about me, what are the initial and reoccurring costs, how much will I charge, etc. If you are not sure of the details or haven’t thought it through entirely, start a list of who to call and be sure to get pricing from more than one source. This way you can create an estimation that is pretty accurate. This will also help your idea evolve as you get more information.

Work on your plan regularly

Finally, in order to take your idea to the next level you should be working on it regularly. You may not be able to work on it daily but at least try to work on it on a regular basis. This could mean every Wednesday you dedicate a few hours to your idea. After all you want to take this idea to the next level so that means you will need to work at it. Everything is not going to fall into your lap completely finished so you can start making millions. You have to work on it and you have to be consistent.

You can create mini goals to accomplish then as your idea develops you will have different goals which will help you to progress in order to achieve your ultimate goal of starting your business. Don’t be that person who has an idea then another and another but does nothing to get past the initial phase. After all the most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Written by Rita Suzanne

Rita Suzanne is a business strategist who helps mom business owners create client consistency so they can finally get off of the revenue rollercoaster and alleviate burnout for good.
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