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Design Day

Design, branding, and strategy—it’s all in a week’s work.

Most of the time, working with an agency takes a looooong time.

Sometimes you have to wait for months before even getting started—and when you do, the project isn’t finished for 6-12-weeks.

Deadlines come, and deadlines go.

And the email back-and-forth is frustrating (and never ending).

Your design project (you know, the one you needed done yesterday?) seems to drag on long after you’ve shifted your attention to other priorities.

Part of the problem—and this is some insider, behind-the-music sh*t—is that we creatives tend to overbook our schedules with multiple, competing projects, (because money).

And as any service provider will attest, competing priorities is NOT what creatives need to buckle down and make the magic happen.

We need to focus. To get in “the flow.”

And we need you (the client) to be available and involved, willing and able to provide productive feedback.

Which doesn’t happen when projects languish, or when you have zero idea what your freelancer is up to at any given moment (or if they’re even a real person).

After a decade of navigating these ups and downs, I decided I was done with all that.

I wanted to get immediate results (just like you do!), and was growing increasingly frustrated with the limitations of the status quo.


Website in a Week—a whole new approach to planning and executing great design.

Here’s why I work in a week—not months:


The intensive format gives me the freedom and flexibility to address ALL your needs, in order of priority.

It’s rare for a business to need just one thing. Maybe you need a new website—but you could also use a new email template, or a fresh batch of social media designs, or a new solution for your cluttered, un-user-friendly membership site or course platform.

The work gets done when you need it done, not months from now.

“A week not months” means less wait time to get on our schedule. It’s about as close as you can get to “real-time” design services (as in, the work starts when you actually need it).

No competing priorities.

On your scheduled week, you’ll be my one and only focus. That’s all my attention, strategy skills, and design prowess, laser-focused on you and you alone. Can you handle it? 😉

You’ll be able to plan for and prepare for your website week, so we can eliminate all that annoying back-and-forth.

Because it’s just a week, you can open up some time to be available for the review calls and check-ins throughout the week. And it won’t derail you from your other pressing responsibilities, the way an undefined project would.

Deadlines (especially the missed kind) are a thing of the past.

I never miss a deadline, because I’ll work with you to create a reasonable workload for the time allotted. And at the end of the day, it’s finished! It really couldn’t be simpler.

No complicated fee structures or convoluted project timelines.

I charge a flat per week rate, period. And because I’ve got over a decade of design experience, I know exactly how much I can get done during that time. If you have more work than I can complete in a day, we’ll schedule more time!

It works like this:

Go from frustrated to overjoyed.

You are ready to hire help but you just don’t want to wait months with tons of back and forth emails to finish the project.

You shouldn’t have to sit on a waiting list. Website in a Week is perfect for you.

Pick Your Week

Chose a week that works best for you. Be sure to pick times where you will be available for quick and thorough feedback so we can move through the project quickly.

Getting Started

Once you have booked your date, you will receive a follow up email with access to the client portal and all of the pre-work documentation, training and information.

Website in a Week

On Monday, homepage is designed and we’ll review it together on Tuesday. On Wednesday, interior page design. On Thursday, we will review. Launch is Friday.

Your Website in a Week includes::

Setup and Training
Forget about the technical headaches that come with website setup. I’ve got your back! I will handle all the nitty-gritty details, from domain registration to hosting setup, so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business. Plus, I’ll provide you with easy-peasy training that even your grandmother would understand. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to website management mastery!

Choose Your Focus

But wait, there’s more! To sprinkle some extra magic on your business growth journey, I offer three delightful options to choose from:

Basic Branding

With my basic branding service, I’ll craft a captivating brand story that truly resonates with your audience.

(includes a text-based logo, a color palette, fonts and patterns, and brand guidelines)

SEO Basics

With my SEO basics service, I’ll equip you with the knowledge and sorcery needed to boost your website’s visibility.

(includes meta descriptions for each page and posts, install SEO plugin, create SEO-friendly permalinks, on-page SEO, + submission of sitemaps)

Content Pillars

With my content pillar creation service, we’ll work together to build a foundation of mesmerizing content that resonates with your audience.

(includes the discovery of your content pillars and categories for your business and blog)

what is the

investment for this?

It’s a smart investment that keeps on working its magic, bringing in new clients and opportunities while you focus on other aspects of your business. Plus, it won’t ask for a raise or complain about long hours.

Your Website in a Week costs $6,800 payment plans available

What if your project goes beyond the scope of a single week?
If your website requirements go beyond a homepage and five interior pages, fear not!

Your Design Day is here to tackle even the most ambitious projects. Need a captivating sales page, a dynamic landing page with email funnels, a course or membership site setup or fix, or automated workflows? Consider it done!

Rest assured, with my expertise and focused dedication, your project will shine. Regardless of its size or complexity, I’ll work diligently to ensure every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Don’t let the scale of your project hold you back. Your Design Day is designed to accommodate larger projects, providing you with outstanding results. Contact me today to discuss your unique needs and let’s embark on an extraordinary design journey together!

What happens after our project is over?
I offer three convenient options for post-project support:

  1. Monthly Maintenance
  2. Monthly Maintenance with Support
  3. Online Business Bootcamp Membership

Q: What does the Monthly Maintenance service include?
A: My Monthly Maintenance service covers essential tasks to keep your website running smoothly.

Q: What additional benefits come with the Monthly Maintenance with Support plan?
A: The Monthly Maintenance with Support plan includes up to three changes to your website each month.

Q: Tell me more about the Online Business Bootcamp membership. What does it entail?
A: The Online Business Bootcamp membership provides comprehensive training on website management, updates, and driving traffic.

Q: How can I choose the best option for my needs?
A: Consider your technical expertise, time availability, and desired level of support to determine the option that suits you best.

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