I help mom business owners banish burnout for good

and it has nothing to do with time management

Raise your hand if you work every single day non-stop on your business.

You are not the only one.

But I want to show you how to stop it now.

Your business can bring you time and financial freedom. You just need to create a consistent flow of clients to break the cycle of business burnout.

All without the hustle mentality, working even more than you already do, feeling isolated and overwhelmed.


get this

  • 53% of business owners report that when they experience burnout it is a barrier to success for their business.
  • 35% report that they could use external support and/or resources to help combat burnout.
  • Over the past year, 47% of business owners report feeling run down and drained of physical and/or emotional energy.


What I’m not going to teach you…

A one-size fits all solution because every business and owner is unique.

What I am going to teach you…

How to create diversified streams of income and build a list of new leads and prospects.

and it goes a lil somethin’ like this:


It all starts with your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals, target audience and message.


Then we move on to the two areas that are often the most challenging – marketing and networking.


Finally, we wrap it up with how to create more leads, prospects and ultimately more clients.

simple, right?

And it works…

After eight years of isolating myself, being distracted by shiny opportunities (that I never launched), not maintaining the healthy lifestyle I had before starting my business and feeling overwhelmed constantly, I burned it all down.

But you don’t have to do that plus I didn’t want to fall into that same trap again so I created a solution.

Instead you just take this guide of things you can do to get clients consistently. This guide can help you create financial freedom by getting off of the revenue rollercoaster.

kind words

I learned so much from working with Rita. She will do the job you ask her to do, but she also teaches you the process as well.
Stephanie Baylor

The greatest thing about Rita is that she’s three pros in one. A designer who is technically savvy and understands strategy.
Lynda Crotty

Rita’s technical knowledge helped me navigate the challenges with the functionality of my website and she provided easy solutions.
Nadia Munla

Creating Client Consistency

Creating Client Consistency

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