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rita suzanne

From Exposure to Financial Freedom

Empowering Mompreneurs to Secure Clients and Stability

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the programs

monthly membership

The Mompreneur Collective

$10 a month

Not only do you get a listing in the online directory for your mom-owned biz, but there are also trainings and tools to help you connect with other like-minded mompreneurs.

affiliate rewards

individual custom strategy

Business Growth Blueprint

$300 a week

Psst…want less overwhelm and more financial stability? Of course you do! That’s why I’m offering you the chance to apply to my personalized strategy program.

who am I?

I’m Rita and

I teach moms just like you effective strategies to attract a steady flow of clients without experiencing exhaustion.

The odds have always been stacked against me but I was determined to make a better life for me and my kids.

I was tired of begging my boss for time off to take my kids to the doctor. I was over watching other people live their best life while I was living paycheck to paycheck.

I left corporate with no savings, cashed in my 401K, moved across the country and started all from scratch. We had no furniture when we moved into our new place…we were even sleeping on an air mattress.

For eight years, I was getting clients consistently, but something was STILL missing. I was working non-stop with no end in sight. No time for me or my kids.

I couldn’t depend on anyone else to get me where I wanted to be. Not my then husband. Not my parents. No one except for me.

It was so simple but I was too close to see the solution.

But guess what? I found the solution, and now I’m sharing it with you.

If you are ready to attract clients and create financial stability
without sacrificing your sanity, then buckle up and join me.

kind words

Rita has enlightened me to the options available and how I can grow my business and still have the time I want for my family.
Leah Stine

After working with Rita, I now understand exactly who I am serving, what her needs are, and how I can shift my website to speak to her journey.
Kristen Crocket

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Do these five things daily in order to get more clients.

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