From confused to captivating: Clients reveal how their brands were transformed.

I needed a design that truly reflected me, who I am and what I wanted to communicate to the world, so I hired Rita. I was on a limited budget, but as I saw how much work she dedicated, I completely understood the cost involved! She worked so hard and did WAY more than I would have imagined. Rita listened to my needs but also ran with her own creative ideas, crafting a highly professional website that looked high end and helped move my business to the next level. Rita is smart, easy to work with, and gets the job done well! I highly recommend her!

Meg Haworth


Hiring Rita to redesign our membership portal and transfer clients was a game-changer! After understanding our needs, she provided invaluable advice and brilliant suggestions that instantly instilled confidence in us.

Rita’s work went far beyond expectations. She not only executed our requests flawlessly, but also consistently offered better ideas and proactive solutions, always exceeding our initial vision. Whether it was answering questions, implementing last-minute edits, or providing perfect feedback, her dedication and reliability were unwavering.

Working with Rita was a learning experience as well. She patiently explained the process, empowering us with valuable knowledge. I’ve confidently recommended her to every client and eagerly await our next collaboration.

Simply put, Rita delivers! She ensures projects are efficient, correct, and perfectly aligned with your vision. She’s an incredible asset, a problem-solver extraordinaire, and a true gem!

You, Rita, are amazing! Navigating challenges with you was incredibly reassuring, and your solutions and suggestions seemed limitless. There’s nothing you can’t do!

Stephanie Baylor

I loved working with Rita. She updated and created a new brand and website for my clinic. It was the perfect crisp, clean look I was hoping to see, and it elevated the business brand.

Sara Norris, ND

Prior to working with Rita, I felt my branding was flat and needed a zhuj, but a full re-brand seemed daunting and time-consuming.

The favorite part of the VIP day? Seeing the stunning new homepage design first! Having Rita’s undivided attention for an entire day was incredible. I could truly feel her dedication to transforming my brand and image. No more worrying about designers juggling multiple projects – she was fully invested in mine!

The outcome? Beyond thrilled! My happiness reflects the success of the project. Thanks, Rita!

Becca Piastrelli


Rita is a great professional with a wonderful sense of design! I collaborated with her to transform my personal website into a separate space, preventing competition with my main website. My only hesitation was whether she could capture my vision and match the style.

Rita delivered! She was fast, professional, and the outcome was fantastic! We needed only minor edits because the overall feel of the website perfectly matched my vision. As I hoped, traffic to my main site even increased!

Robert Tisserand


Rita created a stunning new brand for me, perfectly complementing a user-friendly website! Working with her was a delight. She actively listened to my desires and offered invaluable insights I never considered.

Her meticulous attention to detail and genuine interest in my vision resonated deeply.

Beyond aesthetics, Rita’s expertise extended to client attraction and engagement. I gained profound knowledge on attracting dream clients, crafting targeted messaging, and providing exceptional service.

She didn’t just design a website – she empowered me to build a brand.

Lauren Morley


Before Rita, I was drowning in stress and feeling overwhelmed. The thought of generating desired income without burning out seemed impossible.

Working with Rita has been a game-changer! She’s helped me realize that trying to do everything myself isn’t the answer. Now, I have the incredible support to build the business I’ve always envisioned, without the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Leah Stine


My dream? Transform my budding business into a well-oiled machine: automated, boasting a website I adore, offering strategic client experiences, and generating income. Self-doubt held me back: could I pull it off, and was my business worth the investment?

Working with Rita changed everything. I absolutely LOVED every step of the process!

My brand and website? I’m smitten! Every piece of advice Rita offered was solid, actionable, and empowering. She instilled confidence and direction, making my dream feel tangible.

Rita is your key to clarity, direction, branding, and website magic. Whether you’re starting out or refining, she’s your go-to!

Transparency is her middle name: services are clearly described, expectations are set, and delivery is flawless and stunning.

Jennifer Singh

Rita is prompt, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I have worked with her for many years and she always delivers.

Barbara Roche


We needed a super-quick turnaround on TWO sites, one essentially a full build of a sales page and another a hardcore tweak, and Rita came through flawlessly. I loved, loved, loved how Rita was clear in her communication, anticipated the freak outs we would have given our timeline, and always stayed in touch with a reassuring attitude. She knows her stuff technically, but also has a great heart! Always a win in my book!

Nisha Moodley


I’m so glad I was introduced to Rita. Initially, we collaborated on my new website, but since then, my team and I have repeatedly sought her expertise for all our web development needs, ranging from simple opt-in sites to more complex sales pages.

Any entrepreneur understands the value of a reliable web developer on speed dial, and Rita embodies that ideal. We’ve approached her with tight deadlines on numerous occasions, and Rita has consistently delivered high-quality work, every single time.

She truly goes above and beyond, demonstrating incredible reliability. I highly recommend Rita, and I look forward to continued collaboration in the future!

Robyn Youkilis


Rita’s not just one pro, she’s a triple threat! She’s a design whiz with technical chops and a keen understanding of strategic planning. She’s all about delivering results, and she won’t sugarcoat anything. Want someone to pat you on the back? Call your mom. Want someone to propel you towards success? Call Rita. She’s the bomb.com!

Not only is she thoughtful and strategic, but she works with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy. I needed my search results revamped, and she did it so fast I swear she’s got connections at Google! Thanks, Rita!

Lynda Crotty


Rita built three websites for me and each was a fantastic experience! I always enjoy collaborating with her – she dedicates entire days to ensure my feedback is heard and incorporated.

Working with Rita is a learning journey. She patiently taught me WordPress and empowers me to manage things myself. Her professionalism and design expertise are truly remarkable!

Jenny Ponzuric


Rita has been an invaluable asset for my website development! While initially hesitant to hand over the reins (think “scary” to entrust my “third child”!), Rita quickly put my mind at ease.

What drew me to Rita? Shared experiences! As a fellow mom and entrepreneur, she instantly grasped my business’s nuances and concerns, leading to seamless collaboration.

Rita lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. She expertly handled the technical complexities, allowing me to focus on other areas while realizing my vision for both brand and website.

Rita is simply amazing! Don’t hesitate to include her in your project – you won’t regret it!

Shannon Clark

Rita’s technical knowledge helped me navigate the challenges with the functionality of my website and she provided easy solutions.

Nadia Munla


I had an amazing experience working with Rita! She was prompt, professional, and super helpful throughout the entire experience of designing my brand and website while providing guidance when I needed it!

Lindsay Dotzlaf


Rita is a speedy yet meticulous worker who communicates directly and efficiently. Her keen eye for design ensures she delivers exactly what you envision.

I was initially drawn to her unique business model: batching projects instead of stretching them out for weeks. This streamlined approach is a game-changer!

Beyond her professionalism, Rita’s human touch shines through. She’s kind, understanding, and relatable, balancing work with a life.

Her generosity extends beyond the contracted scope: she’s even helped my assistant with tasks related to her expertise. What a delightful surprise!

Lizzie Langston


I can weave all sorts of imagery with my word magic, but when it comes to creating actual visuals for the web, I’d be better off having my 6-year-old nephew make them. I’m not a designer, is what I’m saying. Furthermore, I don’t even really know how to talk about design.

When I first started working with Rita, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to articulate what I wanted, and she wouldn’t know what to do, and it would be all my fault!

But — omg. Not only did Rita deliver visuals that totally express the rock-n-roll-but-sleek-and-sexy feel I wanted for my brand, she also gave me the tools and knowhow I need to take the reins and do all my own updates, tweaks, endless copy revisions, etc.

Now I’m getting all kinds of compliments on my brand, and I’m like, “Thanks, her name is Rita!” Which makes it sound like my brand’s name is Rita.

ANYWAY. Whether it’s Rita the person (who’s a pretty cool lady, I might add), or Rita the new name I’ve just given my gorgeous brand — I couldn’t be happier.

Samantha Pollack


Heather Jones, Confidence Coach

I was so confused before my session with Rita. I had a very proud idea of who I wanted to work with and how, but there were so many pieces I just couldn’t settle myself on. Rita is fun so even though we got a lot accomplished, it also felt like I was having coffee with a friend.

It was really helpful to be asked specific questions to draw inspiration. Getting specific helped me understand my ideal client better. Ping ponging was getting me nowhere fast, and Rita definitely helped me to get that locked down.

Having the details around who my client is, what she needs, and how to talk to her is a massive relief. I finally feel like when I speak she’ll know I’m talking to her. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Rita again and would highly recommend her to anyone else. She’s brilliant at what she does. Rita gave me so much more than i expected in our session and i am so grateful for her.

Erica Woods, Founder

I was struggling with determining the best way to narrow down my target audience. I’m passionate about the services that I provide and I truly want to help everyone.

However through my meeting with Rita I realized that I can actually serve clients more efficiently and effectively by focusing on a specific ideal client. I’ve filled out many client avatar worksheets in the past and none have been as effective as my meeting with Rita. It really helps to see things from someone else’s perspective and ask you additional questions to help you uncover detailed information.

I now have clarity on who I want to serve so I can be strategic with my marketing.

Kristen Crockett, Intuitive Leadership Coach

I was unclear on who my ideal client was and how to represent that on my website. I now understand exactly who I am serving, what her needs are, and how I can shift my website to speak to her journey.

Rita is a jack-in-the-box of creative ideas. I am so excited to implement the solutions we discussed and I feel like I am 10 steps ahead of where I was before our session together.

I am so happy that I found rita. She jumpstarted so many transformative ideas for my website and clients which will forever shift my overall business. I have much more clarity on what I do, who I serve and how to make it all come together to propel my business.

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