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Rita Suzanne
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Get ready to meet the business growth strategist of your dreams! Rita Suzanne is an expert in supporting mom entrepreneurs, showing them how to rake in leads and sales while ditching the exhaustion and overwhelm. With a list of satisfied clients longer than her to-do list, she’s a dedicated to helping businesses gain brand clarity, develop winning strategies, and implement conversion tactics that really pack a punch.

Not content with just killing it in the strategy game, Rita is also the mastermind behind the Mom Owned and Operated podcast. Here, she dishes with other moms about how to balance family, work, and me-time. It’s no surprise that her expertise has been featured on numerous business, branding, and design podcasts, blog interviews, and summits.

Fueled by a passion for helping moms conquer the entrepreneurial world, Rita and her co-founder joined forces to create Mompreneur Bundles – the one-stop shop for mompreneurs in need of a business sidekick. As a part-time juggler of business, kids, and life’s chaos, Rita excels in the fine art of multitasking, always ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way. With boundless energy and determination, Rita proves that moms really can do it all, even without that well-deserved cup of coffee!

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Meet Rita Suzanne, the go-to business growth strategist for mom entrepreneurs. She’s an expert at helping businesses thrive, focusing on brand clarity, winning strategies, and powerful conversion tactics. Besides her strategy successes, Rita hosts the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, discussing work-life balance with other inspiring moms. Her expertise is featured across various platforms, including podcasts, blogs, and summits.

Rita co-founded Mompreneur Bundles, the ultimate resource for mompreneurs seeking a business ally. Balancing business, family, and life, Rita demonstrates that moms can indeed achieve it all with energy, determination, and a dash of multitasking magic.


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On the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita interviews other mom business owners about raising a family, running a business and remembering themselves.
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