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Rita Suzanne
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Rita Suzanne
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Rita Suzanne

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Rita Suzanne, a business growth strategist and proud single mom of four, ignites success stories for ambitious entrepreneurs with over a decade of expertise. Her proven strategies propel brands to sustainable growth and stability, paving the way for long-term prosperity.

As a passionate advocate for moms in business, Rita is the local coordinator for Branch Moms in Columbus, OH. This vibrant network allows her to connect and empower fellow moms on their journeys. Her Mom Owned and Operated podcast is one of her favorite projects, features inspiring interviews with mom business owners who juggle business, family, and self-care. 

When she’s not strategizing business growth, Rita embraces a healthy, balanced life. You’ll find her fueling her body and mind at the gym, exploring new destinations with her adventurous teenagers, and planning their next escapade. Rita’s story inspires: she proves that true success encompasses both the thriving business you build and the fulfilling life you lead, one filled with unique experiences and cherished memories with her loved ones.


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Speaking Topics

How to Craft a Client-Attracting Brand (Without Saying a Word)

Do you think your listeners struggle to attract their ideal clients?

Together, we can explore powerful branding strategies that pulls in their perfect clients. From audience identification to captivating messaging, I’ll share actionable tips for building a brand that attracts clients effortlessly.

If you think this could benefit your listeners, I’d love to be a guest and share my insights!

Offer Alchemy: Turn "Meh" to "Yes!" with Client-Irresistible Offers

Want your listeners to ditch the hard sell and convert leads easily?

Together, we can unlock the secrets to creating irresistible offers. From identifying ideal client desires to value-driven pricing, I’ll share actionable strategies for offers that convert. Empower your audience to build thriving businesses.

If you’re passionate about that, I’d love to join your show and share my expertise!

Build a Business You Love Without Sacrificing Yourself

Are your listeners feeling overwhelmed and nearing burnout?

It’s real, but there’s hope! I’ll share my journey of overcoming burnout and offer practical tips. Together, we can equip your listeners to find freedom and build businesses that support their lives. If you want to help entrepreneurs thrive without sacrificing well-being,

I’d be honored to be a guest and share my story and insights!



On the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita interviews other mom business owners about raising a family, running a business and remembering themselves.

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