Rita Suzanne
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Rita Suzanne

Since 2014, Rita has helped entrepreneurs create and build online businesses. She designs digital strategies to improve business and marketing performance.

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Rita Suzanne is a digital strategist for entrepreneurs developing brand specific strategies to create a success plan leveraging all relevant marketing channels and platforms to achieve established objectives and goals to improve business and marketing performance.

She is also the creator of Mom Owned and Operated, a support community and podcast for mom business owners where she interviews other moms about raising their families, running their business and remembering themselves. 

Rita combines over 15 years of business and marketing experience. Due to several life changes in 2020, she is dedicated to helping other women create a profitable business with ease.

She’s been featured in business, branding and design podcasts, blog interviews and summits. When she’s not helping other business owners, she is working on upgrading herself, learning new things and serving up no-nonsense business advice.

Don’t worry, she takes breaks from her business life to focus on her four children, her burgeoning coffee addiction, and wearing a whole lotta comfy clothes.

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