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Rita Suzanne: Marketing & Business
Growth Strategist for Mom Business Owners

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Rita Suzanne
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Rita Suzanne
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Rita Suzanne

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Rita Suzanne is the marketing BFF every mom business owner wishes they had. With over a decade of experience navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship (while raising four kids!), she’s the go-to expert for ditching the overwhelm and building a profitable business that seamlessly blends with family life.

As a single mom of four teenagers and a successful entrepreneur, Rita knows firsthand the unique juggling act of motherhood and business. She’s passionate about empowering moms to overcome the chaos, conquer their marketing challenges, and create a life they love with no-nonsense strategies, practical tools, and a healthy dose of humor. Rita helps mom business owners attract dream clients who value their expertise and are ready to invest, boost their income and impact without sacrificing family time, and cultivate a positive mindset and unshakeable confidence in their business.

She’s also the host of the popular podcast Mom Owned and Operated, where she interviews inspiring mom business owners and shares her own experiences of building a business while raising a family.


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Speaking Topics

Marketing without the Meltdown

Simple, actionable strategies for busy moms to attract their dream clients without sacrificing precious time or sanity.

Profit Potential Unlocked

Learn how to overcome pricing fears, identify profit leaks, and create a business model that fuels your financial freedom.

Social Media Made Simple

Discover the secrets to creating engaging social media content that attracts your ideal clients, even if you’re not a tech whiz.

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Rita is available for speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and media appearances. She loves sharing her expertise and inspiring other moms to build thriving businesses.



On the Mom Owned and Operated podcast, Rita interviews other mom business owners about raising a family, running a business and remembering themselves.