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A few fun facts...

10+ years as a corporate whisperer (shhh)
Transformed teams, processes, and bottom lines – leaving a trail of happy bosses and amazed colleagues.
10 years of transforming businesses
I don’t just strategize, I make businesses grow (no magic is involved, but the results might feel like it!).
Building empires (well, at least small businesses)
Built a business from the ground up, proving that anything is possible with passion and perseverance.
Mom knows best (at least on this podcast)
Sharing advice, laughter, and real-life stories on my own mom owned and operated podcast.
Chaos coordinator extraordinaire
From meltdowns to mischief, I navigate the teenage jungle with laughter and love.
Fueling my body and my mind
Obsessed with the gym and wellness, but not afraid to live a little (pizza makes life worth living!) .

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(614) 642-2491
Monday - Friday: 10a to 4p EST
1985 W. Henderson Road #1024, Columbus, OH. 43220