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Building polished, profitable brands and websites that convert.
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Rita Suzanne

Design in Just ONE Day!

Stunning visuals, smart strategy, and a seamless user experience to build brands that flourish and websites that get results.

attract clients

increase credibility

reduce overwhelm

Single Day Projects

because that’s how we roll

we work in days, not weeks. You let us know what you need—redesign? refresh? rebrand?—and we set aside a day to get ‘er done.

And if you have a big project? You can schedule multiple days.

It’s as simple as that.

Hi, I'm Ritayour no-nonsense business bestie

It all started during the 2008 recession when my corporate bosses needed me to “step in” and take over the marketing department.

Then I learned design so I could leave corporate and move across the country…as one does.

In the process, I’ve worked with coaches and creatives, delivering them beautiful brands, designing and building websites, sales pages, and courses from scratch.

And every time, I had to teach myself something new.

After years of trying to juggle multiple projects at once, I started focusing on a one day VIP Intensive for projects to eliminate lengthy timelines and endless back-and-forth that are de rigueur in the design industry.

That’s why I’m here, friend. We are going to roll up our sleeves, figure it out, and put in the focused time now to get you to your long-term vision.

Rita Suzanne
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