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Ditch the hustle, embrace balance.

This is my journey to building a business without burnout.

Forget the “always on” grind that leaves you drained and disconnected. You deserve a business that thrives alongside your well-being and family. Trust me, I know the other side – years of nonstop hustling, weekends sacrificed, and self-care left on the back burner. It brought me nowhere but burnout.

Here’s the good news: building a successful business doesn’t have to be synonymous with exhaustion.

Join me on this journey where we discover…


April is when it all started. I left my corporate job, sold most of my belongings and moved across the country with my young boys and then husband. I started on my website design business immediately.

I had something to prove…to myself and everyone who said I should go get a job. There were so many things I didn’t know so I kept learning and wouldn’t quit no matter what.

Not when I got a divorce. Not when my son suddenly developed epilepsy. Not even when I had a negative bank balance.


I struggled with burnout regularly as things went up and down. I was always profitable but I was not marketing myself regularly. I thought it was because I was a little introverted, a fear of rejection or a big dose of anxiety.

The real issue is that I was doing something that I no longer enjoyed. I was working nonstop but living the entrepreneurial equivalent of paycheck to paycheck. Feast or famine.

That was until I started exclusively offering VIP design days. I had my best years in business until…


That January was the beginning of the end. A week after my birthday I found out my husband was unfaithful. Two weeks later my baby sister unexpectedly passed away. An event that devastated our entire family.

Covid restrictions kicked in with my heartbreak and grief in March. In May I filed for my second divorce and custody of my two nieces making me a single mom of four.

Still trying to hold everything together, I isolated myself and experienced the worst year in my business (and life).


As I struggled through the process of rebuilding, I realized one thing for certain – I had to reconnect with others. One day I realized that I desperately wanted to know how other mom business owners were able to do everything without sacrificing themselves like I was doing.

I started my podcast where I interview other mom business owners. It was motivating and inspiring to hear their stories. But I was still trying to figure out my next step.

I was always good at attracting and retaining clients but I was still overwhelmed and not yet on track until I took a break.


With crystal-clear clarity, I saw my mission: to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners like myself. Driven by a desire for time and financial freedom, I understood the constant struggle to balance ambition with personal commitments.

It wasn’t just the juggling act that fueled the burnout – it was the lack. Lack of direction, lack of support, lack of community, lack of visibility, and lack of stability. I knew countless others faced the same hurdles.

Inspired by my own journey, I crafted my services, products, and trainings to help you break free from these constraints.

By helping you attract more clients and achieve financial stability, my mission is to empower you to thrive without sacrificing your well-being or passions.

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