Marketing Makeover VIP Day

marketing makeover vip day

Transform your marketing + attract your dream clients

Are you a mom with a service-based business, feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing world of online marketing? Tired of trying different strategies with little to no results?

You’re not alone. Many moms just like you are juggling the demands of motherhood and business, unsure of where to focus their marketing efforts for real growth.


Waking up each morning with a clear marketing plan, tailored to your unique business and goals.
Feeling confident and empowered to attract your dream clients without sacrificing precious time with your family.
Watching your business thrive as you implement proven strategies that actually work.
That’s the power of my Marketing Makeover VIP Day.

Is your marketing dream stuck?

do any of these sound familiar?
  • You’re unsure where to start with marketing your business.
  • The endless options and tactics feel overwhelming and confusing.
  • You’re struggling to craft a message that resonates with your ideal clients.
  • You’re worried about the time commitment and how to fit marketing into your already busy schedule.
  • You’re doubting whether marketing can truly make a difference for your business.

If so, you’re in the right place.

Your VIP Day, Your Marketing Transformation:

We’ll spend a focused day together, diving deep into your business, goals, and dreams. We’ll create a customized marketing roadmap that aligns with your values and empowers you to attract your ideal clients with confidence.

Whether you’re…

New to Marketing

I’ll guide you through the essentials and help you build a strong foundation for attracting and converting clients.

Feeling Overwhelmed

I’ll simplify your marketing efforts and help you prioritize strategies that get results.

Ready to Scale

I’ll help you create a scalable marketing plan that attracts more of your ideal clients and grows your business.

Hesitant about Video

I’ll gently guide you through overcoming your fears and leveraging the power of video marketing.

A marketing strategy that’s more than just tactics:

Unlike DIY approaches or generic templates, working with me will give you:


Clarity & Focus

A clear roadmap with actionable steps to achieve your marketing goals.

Personalized Expertise

A customized strategy that considers your unique business, audience, and goals.

Time-Saving Solutions

Streamlined processes and tools to optimize your marketing efforts.

Confidence & Empowerment

The knowledge and support you need to market your business effectively and authentically.

What you’ll get during your VIP Day:

My Undivided Attention

Your marketing is my sole focus for our entire day together.

A Custom Marketing Roadmap

A detailed plan outlining your strategies, tactics, and timelines.

Marketing Expertise

I’ll share my knowledge and experience to help you create a plan that gets results.

ongoing support

30 days of email support to answer any questions and keep you on track after your VIP Day.

How your VIP Day works

1. Book Your VIP Day: Reserve your spot and secure your preferred date.
2. Pre-work: Complete a questionnaire to help me understand your vision and goals.
3. Strategy Session: We’ll have a 60-minute call to dive deep into your business, review your pre-work, and finalize your VIP Day plan.
4. VIP Day: We’ll work together in-person for a full day to craft your customized marketing strategy.
5. Ongoing Support: You’ll have 30 days of email support to answer any questions and access a client portal with resources and tutorials.

Who This is For:

This VIP Day is perfect for you if you have a service-based business and are:

  • Ready to take your marketing to the next level and attract your dream clients.
  • Tired of DIYing your marketing and ready for expert guidance.
  • Eager to create a thriving business that supports your family for generations.
  • Open to learning new skills and embracing your authentic voice as a marketer.

Why Choose a VIP Day:

  • Fast Results: Get your dream marketing strategy in just one day.
  • Personalized Attention: Your strategy will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Stress-Free Experience: Leave the confusion and overwhelm behind.
  • Proven Results: Get a marketing strategy that actually converts leads into paying clients.
Marketing Makeover VIP Day: $2,000

This one-time investment is your catalyst for lasting marketing transformation. It’s more than just a day of strategy; it’s an immersive experience designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to attract your dream clients and build a thriving, sustainable business.

Are you ready to transform your marketing and create a business that thrives?

Limited spots available each month.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your business’s full potential.

Don't just take my word for it...

Rita is a speedy yet meticulous worker who communicates directly and efficiently. Her keen eye for design ensures she delivers exactly what you envision.

I was initially drawn to her unique business model: batching projects instead of stretching them out for weeks. This streamlined approach is a game-changer!

Beyond her professionalism, Rita’s human touch shines through. She’s kind, understanding, and relatable, balancing work with a life.

Lizzie Langston

Rita built three websites for me and each was a fantastic experience! I always enjoy collaborating with her – she dedicates entire days to ensure my feedback is heard and incorporated.

Working with Rita is a learning journey. She patiently taught me WordPress and empowers me to manage things myself. Her professionalism and design expertise are truly remarkable!

Jenny Ponzuric

Prior to working with Rita, I felt my branding was flat and needed a zhuj, but a full re-brand seemed daunting and time-consuming.

The favorite part of the VIP day? Seeing the stunning new homepage design first! Having Rita’s undivided attention for an entire day was incredible. I could truly feel her dedication to transforming my brand and image. No more worrying about designers juggling multiple projects – she was fully invested in mine!

The outcome? Beyond thrilled! My happiness reflects the success of the project. Thanks, Rita!

Becca Piastrelli

Imagine feeling confident, empowered, and in control of your marketing.

It’s possible. Let’s create a strategy that brings you peace of mind and attracts your dream clients.