Perfection is Not the Goal

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but no matter how hard you try the desire for perfection is still there.

You tell yourself the goal is not to be perfect.

And you realize this obsession actually is just to appear like you have it all together.

Believe me, I get it.

This desire for perfection has held me back and I want to drop it like a bad habit. I bet you do too.

Do you have the most amazing business ideas and intentions but your follow through is not so great?

Oh, yes.

Do you take on way too many things thinking that will jumpstart your business?


Maybe you teach others things but cannot do them yourself because you’re just too overwhelmed.

Would you believe it if I said, overwhelm is a choice.

You can decide to be overwhelmed or just push through and get it done.

Sure you have a to-do list for yourself that is five miles long.And it is much easier to feel way too busy.

Because to move forward means things must be perfect…
…and that just takes too much time and energy.

The goal is not perfection though…it’s progress.

You can get through your list of things — one step at a time.

Make your list in ClickUp (remember, it’s free) and just start going through them.

One of the reasons why I use a project management system instead of just a task list is the reminders. I set a due date and now it’s not just something sitting there waiting…it has to get done.

Like this blog post.

Something that had me stuck in a perfection loop for too long was my branding mini course.

I launched this course two years ago and pulled the plug to re-brand last year.

Last year.

At the time, I was convinced that it was so horrible but when I went back to finally start working on it, I realized it wasn’t that bad. Sure it needed updates but the reason why I stopped promoting it – I didn’t think it was good enough.

My plan was to launch this re-brand in November then December and, no playing around, it’s happening in January.

And it’s okay. It’s not done but I’m making progress. A little every day.

Do you have something sitting on the sidelines that you are so excited to share with the world but you just haven’t yet?

What are you waiting for?

I’m challenging you to start this week. But first, stop overthinking it. See I do know you!

You’ve got this! Even if it is not perfect, it’ll be done (or done enough).

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