Ditch the hustle + build a profitable
business that works FOR you

A 6-month transformation for women entrepreneurs.
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Are you a passionate woman entrepreneur tired of the endless hustle?


Are you ready to build a sustainable, profitable business that gives you the time, freedom, and income you deserve?

If so, this program is for you.

This proven 6-month transformation will help you break free from the feast-or-famine cycle, attract high-paying clients, and create a business that supports your life, not consumes it.

introducing the…

Profit Powerhouse

As a woman entrepreneur myself, I get it. We’re wired to give our all, but the hustle-harder mentality is a recipe for burnout. That’s why I’ve collaborated with incredible women business owners to optimize their online strategy and achieve extraordinary growth:


Becca Piastrelli
Bri seeley
Dalena Bradley
Jules Taggart
Kathy Caprino
Kavita Patel
Lindsay Dotzolf
Lindsey Mango
Lizzie Langston
Meg Haworth
Megan Hale
Nadia Munla
Natalie Bacon
Nisha Moodley
Robyn Youkilis
Samantha Pollack
Shannon Clark
Stacey Boehman

Imagine a business where…

Your ideal clients effortlessly find you, eager to invest $5,000+ in your transformative programs and services.
You reclaim 10+ hours each week, freed from the overwhelm of doing it all yourself, with time to focus on your zone of genius and what truly lights you up.
Your income is consistent and predictable, exceeding $10,000 per month, allowing you to make empowered financial decisions and live the life you desire.
You feel energized and excited about your work, confident in your ability to scale while enjoying a fulfilling personal life.

That’s the Profit Powerhouse difference

This isn’t some generic business strategy. I’m passionate about tailoring solutions to YOUR unique needs. Through intensive 1:1 work together, we’ll:

Uncover Your Profitability Blueprint

Define your niche, create irresistible offers, and craft messaging that attracts your dream clients.

Streamline & Scale

Optimize your operations, identify the right tools, and create systems that allow you to grow without sacrificing your life.

Build a Client Attraction Engine

Develop an authentic marketing strategy that leverages your strengths and consistently brings the right people your way.

Is Profit Powerhouse Right for You?

This program is designed for established women entrepreneurs who:

  • Are committed to growth: You’ve been in business for at least a year and are ready to invest in building a scalable, sustainable business.
  • Are ready to invest: You understand that transforming your business requires both time and financial commitment, and you’re ready to take the leap.
  • Are eager to build a profitable future: You’re ambitious and passionate about creating a business that supports your financial goals and desired lifestyle.

Who is Profit Powerhouse NOT for?

  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme: This program requires dedication and willingness to implement the strategies we develop together.
  • This is not for brand-new businesses: If you’re still defining your offers and target market, a Target Audience Strategy Session might be a better starting point.
  • This is not for those unwilling or unable to invest: Transforming your business takes both time and financial commitment.

About Me?

With a decade of building successful businesses, I know one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work. I’m passionate about understanding your unique challenges and creating a tailored roadmap to reach your specific goals – whether that’s scaling to 6-figures, ditching the launch cycle, or reclaiming your time and freedom.

My clients rave about my strategic approach and ability to solve their biggest business roadblocks. “Every piece of advice Rita offered was solid, actionable, and empowering. She instilled confidence and direction, making my dream feel tangible.” – Jennifer

Ready to unlock your profit potential? Start your transformation journey by completing the Profit Powerhouse application.

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A First for Me! I’ve never offered a guarantee before, but I believe in this program’s results. That’s why, if you fully participate in the 6-month program, complete the agreed-upon actions, and still don’t increase your net profits by at least 20% within 3 months of completion, you’re eligible for a 25% refund.

Ready to invest in the growth you deserve?

Choose the Profit Powerhouse path that aligns with your goals and budget:

Invest in your success. With my expertise, proven strategies, and unwavering support,
you’ll transform your business and achieve the results you desire.

Ready to unlock your profit potential?

Start your transformation journey by completing the Profit Powerhouse application (includes questions about your business goals and current challenges).