Pivoting After Making a Mistake

Pivoting after making a mistake can be one of the hardest things to do especially if you are someone who prides themselves on providing the best, top quality service.

But it happens to the best of us.

Instead of focusing on the bad, here are a few things that you can do to avoid letting this one event overwhelm you.

Every day is not going to be amazing but we can pivot quickly when things start to go downhill.


  • Grabbing your journal and writing until you have all of those feelings out.
  • Ending your journaling with some positive affirmations.
  • If possible, going for a walk – a long one. Or heading to the gym.
  • Talking to a friend and letting off some steam. Or just walking and listening – there are amazing podcasts, audiobooks and music so get out there.
  • Then start working on your boundaries. Whatever happened definitely created a lesson that needs to be learned.

Find the lesson.

By setting boundaries you are actually opening up the possibilities to create a business and life that you love.

Don’t love to do a particular aspect of your business? Outsource it to someone else. There is nothing better than knowing that something is taken care of by someone you trust.

And end the day with some reading. I get lost in a good book especially when I’ve had a long day – even if it is a business book.

But I also have a million business books that I’ve tried so hard to read but got bored. Instead of forcing myself to keep trying, I just move on to the next one.

Essentially pivoting from a mistake takes a massive amount of self-care which is something that most of us women are lacking.


It is okay to make a mistake, have a bad day or just feel burnt out.

You need to spend at least one hour a day just for you. Even if it is something simple. You have too many things going on to sit on the sidelines and do everything for everyone else.

And I’ve been there, believe me. When I first started my business in 2014, I was working on it non-stop. Seriously from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. I was obsessed.

I’m still obsessed but in a less stalkerish way and in a more balanced way.

I would barely do any of the things I mentioned above. And I suffered for that. All of my healthy habits fell to the wayside and it has been hard to get back on track especially after three cross country moves.

I felt like I had to work, work, work so I could prove to everyone especially myself that I could make this thing happen.

Who cares that I constantly had my hair in a bun and looked like I rolled straight out of bed most days.

Truth is, I started to care less and less about me.

And in order to have a strong and successful business YOU – the person running this – needs to be a priority.

I always talk about your brand being the foundation of your business but self-care is essential for the you part of your business.

When you work in corporate you don’t really have to worry about mindset or self-care like you do as an entrepreneur/business owners. You just do your tasks then move on to the next one.

Being in business will help you see your shortcomings very clearly.

You can deal with them quickly and move on or you can learn the hard way and continue to be surprised every time you see your messy reflection in the mirror (or maybe that was just me).

What it really comes down to is you taking it one day at a time and creating the life that you love. This means learning, pivoting and growing.

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Creating Client Consistency

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