Are you ready to create and build a profitable business that is focused on results, clarity, and consistency?

save time and make more money—one focus area at a time

Trying to get your clients to notice you is driving you crazy.

→ You are doing all of the things – but seem to be getting nowhere fast.

→ Your target audience is seeing you and they love what you are doing.

But you cannot seem to handle everything.

→ You are overwhelmed and just want your business to run smoothly with less hustle and more return on your time investment.

→ You are ready for a higher level of success than what is happening right now.

→ You need a customized plan of attack so you can stop wasting time spinning your wheels trying to make all of those things work.



You have to do the work!
Every business is different, every business owner is different and every client is different.

This is why the same info in those courses you have been wasting your time and money on are not working for you.

Not everyone has endless hours of the day to spend on their business. They have kids, partners, and a million other responsibilities.

The hustle mentality sounds great but it leads to massive burn out. Instead we work smarter not harder and still get results.

Your Sanity Session will focus on the one target area…

…so you can take the action in your business finally make you more money and save you time.

Streamline your systems/processes so you don't get overwhelmed.
No more feeling stuck while it seems like everyone else around you is succeeding. You will systematize and organize all of the processes – removing the guesswork and endless back and forth.
The strategy and tactics of running your own profitable business.
Having a strategy is not enough. Using tactics is not enough. During our time together we will go step-by-step focusing on the things you really need to do to create a sustainable business.
Get visible in a way that isn't exhausting and plays to your strengths.
You can’t have a profitable business without brand clarity and positioning. It makes getting attention online easy so people know what you sell and what makes you stand apart from everyone else.

Your Sanity Session works like this:

schedule your session

Pick a day that works best for you – they are always on Tuesdays. Once you have scheduled your session, you will receive an email requesting information about your brand including access to the training portal.

Your Sanity Session

During your two-hour sanity session we will discuss everything from your brand, your sales process, your marketing plan and more.

After The Session

You will then received a three month implementation strategy. You will also get 30 days of email and Voxer support following your session.


what’s the investment?

You could just continue to struggle to put this all together. But wouldn’t you rather focus on the result so you can level up – saving yourself time and making more money.

Or you could invest in your systems, strategy, or some brand clarity. Because how much more could you do if you weren’t running in circles?

If you could sell more in your business, wouldn’t that make the investment worth it?

Your Sanity Session


Two-hour Intensive Call

Implementation Strategy

30-days of Support

Training Portal Access

get started like this...

STEP 1 – Fill out the application
STEP 2 – Schedule your intro call
STEP 3 – Pick your day

You will learn how to master that one thing so you can take action

This is right for you if:

  • you are tired of taking course after course learning the basics
  • you know you need systems but you just aren’t sure how and what you need
  • you don’t have endless amounts of time to try to figure this out
  • you need a fresh perspective on things and someone who is going to be completely honest about what is missing
  • you have been working with clients but want to create something to delight them so they become your best marketing asset
  • you want to get visible online and sell your offers while working less

What Others Say

I hired Rita to help me take my fledgling business and transition to a business that was optimized with automation, a website I am proud of, a plan for my client offerings and experience, and earning an income. I have gained so much confidence and direction. I can completely see that my dream is doable.

I would recommend Rita to anyone with a business in any stage who wants more clarity, direction, branding or a new website.

Dr. Jennifer Singh

Life and Wellness Coach

The work Rita did for us was irreplaceable. She not only did what we needed her to do, she always went a step above to give us better ideas and suggestions. She went out of her way to help me when I had questions or when we needed to make edits last minute. I knew that if something came up, she would know how to help us. I learned so much from working with Rita. She will do the job you ask her to do, but she also teaches you the process as well.
Stepanie Baylor

Online Business Manager

The greatest thing about Rita is that she’s three pros in one. A designer who is technically savvy and understands strategy. She prioritizes results and will give it to you straight. So, if you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, call your mom. If you want someone to set you up for success, call Rita.
Lynda Crotty


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