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Working Less & Accomplishing More

by | Last updated Jul 8, 2022 | Business

You wake up and the first thing you do is grab your laptop. You don’t put it down until it is time to go to bed. You are stressed out, overwhelmed and haven’t showered in a day or two. I can relate but it doesn’t have to be like that.

I am busy from the moment I wake up. I accomplish a lot throughout the day but I am rarely overwhelmed or stressed out. It took me a little while to figure out how to successfully do the hardest job I have ever had – work at home mom – and you can do it too.

Find your sweet spot

I had to really figure out how to make the most of working from home. I know that I am able to create my prescheduled social media posts on Sundays because that it my prep day.

I check and interact on social media during the afternoons, and work on client projects (or my own) at night. I often send late night update emails because I am able to make significant progress during that time. It works best for me because everyone is asleep and I am not being interrupted. It is the thing that I love to do the most but it requires my undivided attention.

Finding your sweet spot will allow you to work for a few focused hours and accomplish more than the stop and go during other times.

Setting boundaries

If you work at home then you know there are many distractions that can interrupt you even if you don’t have kids at home such as laundry, dishes, a repair person, TV, eating or that chatty neighbor.

Because I am constantly interrupted, I came up with boundaries for myself. I work for small periods of time during the day such as checking email only two times daily and working for short periods.

When I am working, I don’t feel guilty or overwhelmed because I have spent time with my kids, made healthy meals/snacks, and taken care of myself and the house.

Setting boundaries takes some serious reflection on your daily habits. Think about what tasks you do daily and determine what boundaries need to be set.

Create a system – project vs. tasks too

Streamline your work so you are as organized as possible which is why I use a project management system, ClickUp.

That way when I have projects to do, I am ready to add all of the details that I need.

Also, make sure you know the difference between a project and a task. Staying organized while working from home will help you determine if you are creating a never ending to-do list.

Work Smarter Not Harder

I work less than I ever have with this system and it is because I know when I get on my computer there is no playing around. I get to work and get things done.

I know my time is limited so working smarter is a must. I find that I am more focused when I get on my computer because I am doing things that are important not just wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next.

If I have a deadline, self-imposed or client related, I work efficiently to get it done because I want to make sure my reputation stays intact.

Track how much time you are actually working – you can do this in Clickup as you move through tasks. Knowing how much time you spend online will help you to focus on getting things done quickly and efficiently.

Saying No

Saying no is something I had to learn how to do because when you first start out you are so eager to people to know you so you say yes to pretty much everything. Then the day comes where your plate is so full and you are overwhelmed. This happens quickly.

Don’t feel guilty for saying no. If you are unable to commit, recommend someone who can do it.

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Written by Rita Suzanne

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